2011 elections: ward winners

14 March 2016

Here’s a map of the 2011 municipal ward winners by party. It was made using CartoDB, which is one of my favourite mapping programmes. As you can see, it’s ridiculously easy to make really beautiful maps with it. If you click on a particular ward you’ll see a little information box pop up with the name of the municipality, ward number and the winning party / independent candidate:

Most of the map is coloured either dark green (ANC victories) or blue (DA victories). The table below shows the distribution of wards won by the various parties and independents:

Number of wards won by the various parties and independents

Number of wards won by the various parties and independents

The vast majority of the wards won by the IFP and NFP are in KwaZulu-Natal municipalities, underlining the dominance of the ANC and DA across the country.

The 27 wards won by other parties can be broken down further:

Ward winners_small parties_2011

Wards won by smaller parties, 2011 municipal elections

In subsequent posts we’ll look at patterns in ward victories for the various parties and which wards have been won or lost in by-elections over the last five years.


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