2016 elections: would the real contenders please stand up

8 July 2016

Elections are less than four weeks away. Do you know which parties are contesting your ward?

The IEC has released the full lists of candidates for political parties and independent candidates. These lists include the candidates’ full names and ID numbers, whether they’re on a PR list or contesting a particular ward, and which party they represent.

There’s all sorts of interesting information in the lists, but for now we’ll concentrate on ward participation and competition: how many people are contesting a particular ward and to which parties do they belong? We’ll have a map for each major party (and some of the more interesting minor ones) showing the wards contested by that party.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the party is strong in that area – the PR-top-up system of seat allocation creates incentives for parties to register anyone as a ward councilor who can bring in a few more votes – but it does give some indication of where a particular party hopes to do well.

Also, these maps will let you know if your favourite party is fielding a representative in your ward.

The first map looks at how crowded your ward is going to be on August 3. Most wards only have a handful of people fighting to be your representative. In the bigger cities and certain parts of the country the competition is fiercer. You can pan, zoom and click on a particular ward to see how many names will be on your ballot sheet:


The ANC, DA and EFF

The next couple of maps look at the representation of the ANC, DA and the EFF, the three parties expected to have the biggest impact on these elections.

The DA has thrown down the gauntlet and will be campaigning in every ward across the country. In the 2011 elections the party contested about 90 percent of the wards. So there’s no need for a map for them.

The ANC is campaigning in almost every ward – if you zoom in you will see the odd bare patch in the map:

Here’s the map for the EFF. You can see that the party has a smaller footprint than the ANC or DA but it’s still probably reaching around 90 percent of all wards.

If you go back to the first map it’s a safe bet that the wards with just two or three candidates standing will come from these three parties.


COPE, IFP, UDM and the VF+

These four parties are either campaigning regionally or they have a national coverage that’s more patchy than the big three.

Here’s where COPE will be campaigning


Here’s the IFP:

Here’s the UDM:

And here’s the VF+:

The independents

Last but not least, here’s where the independent candidates are competing. Some wards have two and even three independent candidates:


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