3 June by-elections preview

2 June 2015

By-elections are coming up again. This round is smaller and less exciting than May’s by-elections (see this report and this one for coverage of those elections). There are just five wards being contested on 2 June.

The ANC is defending three wards and the DA is defending two. Most of the wards should be retained by the incumbent parties, but the ward in Steve Tshwete municipality is a marginal one for the ANC and it could provide an upset.

The map below shows the five municipalities where by-elections will be contested:

3 June by-elections

3 June by-elections: affected municipalities

It’s mostly an ANC and DA affair (as usual), with one or two independent candidates thrown in. Let’s run the rule over the five wards quickly:

Ward 10 in Moqhaka (Kroonstad), Free State: The ANC won the ward with 71 per cent in 2011 (COPE & DA 10 per cent each, APC 4 per cent). The by-election is being held because the ANC councillor died in office. The ward is being contested by the ANC and COPE.

Ward 5 in Emfuleni (Vereeniging), Gauteng: The DA won the ward with 93 per cent in 2011 (ANC 5 per cent, FF+ 3 per cent). The DA councillor resigned. This ward should be easily retained by the DA.

Ward 29 in Steve Tshwete (Middelburg), Mpumalanga: This ward is the most exciting of the day. The ANC won the ward with 52 per cent to the DA’s 46 per cent. The ANC, DA, and two independent candidates will contest the ward following the death of the incumbent.

Ward 4 in Magareng (Warrenton), Northern Cape: The ward was won by the ANC in 2011 with 62 per cent of the vote (DA 27 per cent, COPE 10 per cent). It will be contested by the ANC and an independent candidate following the resignation of the ANC councillor.

Ward 5 in Theewaterskloof (Caledon), Western Cape: The ward was won by the DA in 2011 with 66 per cent of the vote (ANC 18 per cent, National Independent Civic Organisation 10 per cent). The ANC and DA will contest the seat, which became vacant after the resignation of the DA councillor.



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