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NDP: less easy than 1-2-3

3 February 2016

(Today’s music pun comes to you courtesy of the Jackson 5.)

I bought a print copy of the Business Day today, which I don’t normally do (because free online). There’s a front-page article by Ntsakisi Maswanganyi that talks about the poor state of our economy. The interesting bit for me is the World Bank-cited growth rate that the economy needs if we are to meet our original National Development Plan (NDP) goals – it’s calculated at 7.2 per cent, which I assume is the average rate needed from here on until 2030. Continue reading

Vaccinating your children and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

3 February 2015

Oh those crazy anti-vaxxers and their selfish agendas! Why are they hell-bent on turning their children into disease factories? Etc, etc.

Of course I’m in the pro-vaccination camp, because of science and reason and all of those wonderful things, but this post isn’t about why the anti-vaccination camp is so lame and ignorant and dangerous. It’s about why so many parents are making the choices that they make. Of course, I’ll try get in all the cheap shots that I can, because people who willfully and recklessly endanger children deserve all the pillorying that’s coming to them. Continue reading