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2011 elections: ward winners

14 March 2016

Here’s a map of the 2011 municipal ward winners by party. It was made using CartoDB, which is one of my favourite mapping programmes. As you can see, it’s ridiculously easy to make really beautiful maps with it. If you click on a particular ward you’ll see a little information box pop up with the […]

If a ward falls in the forest…

25 November 2015

This article is a follow-up to the last one. I look more closely at how the DA has done in by-elections since 2011, and I discover (not surprisingly) that the DA is more likely to report its successes than its failures

By-elections 11 November 2011

12 November 2015

South Africans went to the polls in eight wards in Wednesday’s by-elections (there were another two ANC wards which were uncontested). Five wards were won by the DA in the 2011 municipal elections and three were won by the ANC.

30 September by-elections: some random thoughts

30 September 2015

Here’s a very quick and informal update on the 30 September by-elections. It’s really a bunch of random thoughts with some analysis thrown in, plus a threadbare apology for not keeping in contact with you.

Municipal by-elections: July 22 results

23 July 2015

Wednesday’s municipal by-elections had just enough incident and spectacle to hold the interest of the casual observer. The ANC lost another KwaZulu-Natal ward to the IFP and the DA came agonisingly close to winning back a Western Cape ward (and possibly the whole municipality) from the ANC.