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One of these Johannesburg wards is not like the others

17 March 2015

When we think of gerrymandering we think of a deliberate process of manipulation that will benefit some political party. The old Nats definitely fixed the system to win a majority of seats in 1948, 1953 and 1958. There were accusations before the 2011 municipal elections that the ANC and DA were fixing ward boundaries in Gauteng and […]

The maps that lead to you

12 March 2015

I’ve been playing around with mapping software and municipal data. Here is a simple measure of financial risk in South African municipalities that I put together, with some of my ideas about what’s going on.

In praise of Amla the captain

30 December 2014

The biggest threat to modern medicine might not be Jenny McCarthy and the rest of the anti-vaxxers. It might be our very own Test captain, Hashim Amla, the poster boy for “phlegmatic”.

Mogalakwena in a post-Tlokwe world

27 November 2014

Ward by-elections are dominated by political parties and our only chance at direct elections becomes another process that involves the courts, the police and a series of negotiations behind closed doors. It’s not surprising that our analysis is focused on party rivalries and power balances. If your role in representative government is reduced to that of spectator, you start to seek out the spectacle.

Summary of the wards contested on 26 November

26 November 2014

by Paul Berkowitz and Wayne Sussman The tables below summarise the state of the 31 wards contested on Wednesday. Remember that there are also 6 PR seats (3 in Inkwanca and 3 in Mooi Mpofana) and 16 district council seats in Ngaka Modiri Molewa that are up for grabs:

The Big Chill in Inkwanca

25 November 2014

by Wayne Sussman Inkwanca lies in the Eastern Cape, Chris Hani district, in the shadow of the Stormberg Mountains. This is the coldest part of the country, and former ANC councilors will be feeling the chill during Wednesday’s by-elections.