The EFF in Gauteng Part 4: Tshwane

14 April 2015

For the third and final Gauteng metro we’ll take a look at the capital city, Tshwane. Just as in Johannesburg, there are pockets of EFF support dotted around the metro and, just like Johannesburg, there aren’t any easy ward victories for the part.

There are a dozen wards where the EFF has over 20 per cent of the vote, but there are only four wards where the party has over 25 per cent, and only one with over 30 per cent support. The Tshwane analysis does add nuance to the composition of the EFF support base: there are areas where the support is a mix of Sepedi- and Setswana-speaking people.

The map below shows the western part of the metro, with wards of interest. There isn’t significant support for the EFF in the northern and eastern parts of Tshwane. (Remember that the larger, eastern half of the metro is made up of the former Metsweding district, which is probably the most rural / agricultural part of Gauteng. The wards are large due to the low population density.)

EFF support in Tshwane, 2014 elections

EFF support in Tshwane, 2014 elections

The EFF enjoys some support in Atteridgeville and Saulsville, which covers Wards 51, 63, 68, 71, and 72, and part of Ward 48. The party did best in Ward 71 (32 per cent) and Ward 48 (25 per cent). There is also some support in Olivehoutbos Extensions and Rua Vista, in Ward 77.

The EFF also has a solid nugget of support in Pretoria West / Pretoria Central / Trevenna, across Wards 60, 80 and 81 (support of 25 per cent, 22 per cent and 25 per cent respectively).

On the east end of Pretoria, in Mamelodi East, the party has some support in Ward 10 (24 per cent) and Ward 17 (21 per cent).

The EFF’s chances in Tshwane aren’t as good as in Ekurhuleni, but the capital city shows that the party’s support isn’t just drawn from Limpopo-born Sepedi-speaking people. In the west of the metro in particular, the party enjoys support from Gauteng-born Sepedi- and Setswana speakers.








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